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Maple Story Mesos
Select Server:    
Server Items Price Buy
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen Store Card (1800NX) $ 1.00
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 2000 Million Mesos $ 8.40
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 3000 Million Mesos $ 12.60
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 4000 Million Mesos $ 16.80
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 5000 Million Mesos $ 21.00
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 6000 Million Mesos $ 25.20
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 7000 Million Mesos $ 29.40
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 8000 Million Mesos $ 33.60
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 10000 Million Mesos $ 42.00
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 12000 Million Mesos $ 50.15
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 15000 Million Mesos $ 62.69
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 20000 Million Mesos $ 83.58
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 30000 Million Mesos $ 125.37
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 40000 Million Mesos $ 167.16
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 50000 Million Mesos $ 208.95
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 60000 Million Mesos $ 249.98
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 80000 Million Mesos $ 333.31
US-Arc-Dem-Gal-Eln-Zen 100000 Million Mesos $ 416.64
Custom Power Leveling
Starting level: Price:
Desired level: Time:
Maple Story Package      
Lv1-20 0.5days USD 8.5
Lv20-30 1day USD 15
Lv30-40 2days USD 30
Lv40-50 4days USD 60
Lv50-60 5days USD 75
Lv60-70 6days USD 89
Lv70-80 9days USD 135
Lv80-90 13days USD 185
Lv90-100 15days USD 205
Lv100-110 16days USD 220
Lv110-120 18days USD 235
Lv120-130 20days USD 245
Lv130-140 20days USD 255

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